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Hey everyone, welcome you all to this little space of love. This space is all about food love, health love, planet love, vegan love and what not most importantly self love. It all begins with self love. I know we all love ourselves so much and we can never compromise any bit on taking utmost care of oneself. And this blog started all with an obsessive love for life. And LIFE ? What a love affair is this!

And in this affair, I’m here realising and living love through food, health and veganism. Why I choose Veganism? For a lot of reasons but mostly for animals, planet and optimum health. Click here to know more about Veganism.

Let’s revolutionize what we eat and how we approach our food and work towards a better planet by as well considering the well being of all our sentient friends coexisting with us and let’s go all extra miles with great health and energy with a Vegan aka cruelty free lifestyle.

About Us


Hi! I’m Aksa. I’m the creator of Vegan Love. I’m a conscious life stylist and an ecstatic lover of life. Everything about life fascinates me. I believe what we feed ourselves, shapes us into who we want to be. And so ever since I’ve been super conscious about everything I feed to my mind, body and spirit, and the same aspiration drew me into an epic lifestyle of healthy eating and healthy cooking which lead me into creating this awesome little space called Vegan Love which is right what you see. Vegan Love is a passionate discourse of my life.

I’m also a fitness enthusiast. I move my body every single day, be it yoga or gym or just dancing, I’m just there grooving to the music of life. I’m a writer soul at heart whose mind speaks endless epiphanies. I also sing and rap to pour my heart out.