Almond Milk

This easy delicious milk made from almonds is a good substitute for dairy milk and is made with just two ingredients. It tastes so good and blends well with almost every recipe that calls out for milk. Use it for smoothies or coffee or just drink it straight from the glass, almond milk adds all the goodness to your recipes and to your life.

Almond milk


4 servings

Prep time

10 mins


super easy


  • Almonds – 1 cup (soaked overnight / 6 – 8 hours)
  • Water – 4 cups


  • Drain the soaked almonds and rinse them well. Discard the soaked water.
  • Combine almonds and water, and blend them in a blender until its smooth and creamy.
  • Strain the almond milk with a strainer/cheese cloth and store the milk.
  • The almond pulp can be saved for other dishes.

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