Author: Aksa


Vegan Mango Ice cream (Refined sugar free)

There’s nothing like mangoes which also implies that there’s nothing like mango ice cream as well, I mean, who doesn’t love mangoes 😀 And what if I tell you that this ice cream is dairy free, refined sugar free, healthy and tastes richly luscious. This ice cream is pure indulgence and will spoil you for […]


Raw Avocado Mini Tarts

Who knew raw desserts can be so delicious and indulgent? Well, off late I’m exploring new desserts to make, as desserts are must for me around my meal times and when I came across mini tarts, they looked too cute to be ignored and immediately jumped in to try them and voila, all I discovered […]


Easy Vegan Snickers (No Bake, Gluten Free)

These gooey chewy crunchy chocolaty rich vegan snicker bars are just as delicious as the real thing. Made with wholesome ingredients, they are no bake, gluten free, raw and refined sugar free. You would be surprised at how quick and easy this recipe comes together. You cannot go wrong even if you over indulge on […]