Carrot Beet Elixir

Carrots and beetroots being the super foods, the combination of these two is an elixir to detox your body and supply it with all the vital nutrients. They are power foods that provide ample of health benefits that also includes imparting you a healthy glow and radiance that clearly shines through. Drink it every day or every other day or as and when you feel like, you will be blessed with all it’s goodness.

Carrot Beet Elixir


1 serving

Prep time

15 mins




  • Carrots – 10 medium
  • Beetroots – 2 small or 1 medium
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Mint leaves – 8 to 10


  • If you use a juicer, juice them all in a juicer and serve immediately.
  • If you use a blender, blend all the ingredients adding a little water for grinding them. Blend them until smooth and strain them with a strainer or a nut milk bag.

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