Chocolate Millet Balls(Laddu) (Gluten free)

Anything chocolaty is always yum and this dessert of nutrition rich millets with chocolate flavor is deliciously healthiest yum 😀 Millets are extremely humble versatile grains that are rich in dietary fiber, proteins, iron, calcium, and B vitamins that offer myriad of health benefits. Made with the natural sweetness of dates, these chocolate millet balls only […]


No Bake Vegan Oats Fudge Brownies

Gooey, chocolaty, delectably delicious, these no bake vegan oats fudge brownies are your perfect go to dessert for any occasion. They are super easy and quick to make that you can simply make them and indulge into, when you have a sugar craving. Made with the natural sweetness of dates, they are absolutely healthy and […]

Appetizer, Dessert

The Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is around the corner, Here are my top picks for the celebration! 🙂 Millet Tabbouleh Salad (Gluten Free) Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean salad traditionally made with parsley leaves, burglar, tomatoes, herbs and seasonings. In this recipe I’ve replaced burglar with millets which makes it completely gluten free and equally tasty and rich. Click here […]


Classic Vegan Pumpkin Pie (Gluten Free)

Pumpkin pie is an ever classic dessert which is simply a blend of sweetened pumpkin custard in a crispy pie crust. This pie is luscious, creamy and delectably vegan. This recipe is ridiculously simple to make and is a must try for holiday parties and simply anytime you are craving a sweet treat! What more, […]


Vegan Carrot Halwa (Sweet Carrot Pudding)

This Indian dessert always remains a hot classic. It is basically a sweet pudding of carrots . This recipe calls out for only 5 ingredients and is super easy to make. Who knew vegan carrot halwa can taste best even without ghee and dairy milk. Are you still skeptical? You definitely must try this recipe […]

Breakfast, Dessert

Easy Oats Carrot Pancakes

If you are not fond of eating veggies for your breakfast, then this pancake is a great idea to sneak in some carrot goodness offering you a colourful and nutrition loaded breakfast. As these pancakes are filled with fibre and protein, they keep you satiated and fuelled all day long. Make them into your breakfast […]


Coconut Nice Cream

This nice cream made from coconut and banana is just the perfect dessert you can have anytime. Creamy, gooey, richly yummy. Who said deliciousness needs more time and more ingredients to cook. This simple, easy nice cream is ideal whenever you have sugar cravings and what if I say this is completely made with no […]