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Vegan Carrot Halwa (Sweet Carrot Pudding)

This Indian dessert always remains a hot classic. It is basically a sweet pudding of carrots . This recipe calls out for only 5 ingredients and is super easy to make. Who knew vegan carrot halwa can taste best even without ghee and dairy milk. Are you still skeptical? You definitely must try this recipe […]

Breakfast, Dessert

Easy Oats Carrot Pancakes

If you are not fond of eating veggies for your breakfast, then this pancake is a great idea to sneak in some carrot goodness offering you a colourful and nutrition loaded breakfast. As these pancakes are filled with fibre and protein, they keep you satiated and fuelled all day long. Make them into your breakfast […]

Beverages/ Drink

Carrot Beet Elixir

Carrots and beetroots being the super foods, the combination of these two is an elixir to detox your body and supply it with all the vital nutrients. They are power foods that provide ample of health benefits that also includes imparting you a healthy glow and radiance that clearly shines through. Drink it every day […]