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Vegan Mango Ice cream (Refined sugar free)

There’s nothing like mangoes which also implies that there’s nothing like mango ice cream as well, I mean, who doesn’t love mangoes 😀 And what if I tell you that this ice cream is dairy free, refined sugar free, healthy and tastes richly luscious. This ice cream is pure indulgence and will spoil you for […]


Coconut Nice Cream

This nice cream made from coconut and banana is just the perfect dessert you can have anytime. Creamy, gooey, richly yummy. Who said deliciousness needs more time and more ingredients to cook. This simple, easy nice cream is ideal whenever you have sugar cravings and what if I say this is completely made with no […]

How to

Creamy Coconut Milk

If there can be something that is considered a fruit, a seed or a nut, it has to be coconut. Whatever you name them, they are just a blessing to this planet which is a wonder food with plethora of health benefits. What more, they taste so heavenly and can turn any food into deliciousness. […]