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Oat Milk

Have you ever wondered that you could make an affordable yet healthier plant based milk in no time with just three ingredients? Off course you can and here you shall discover an extremely easy and simple oat milk recipe that is much cheaper than the store bought. What more, oats are naturally gluten free and […]

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Creamy Coconut Milk

If there can be something that is considered a fruit, a seed or a nut, it has to be coconut. Whatever you name them, they are just a blessing to this planet which is a wonder food with plethora of health benefits. What more, they taste so heavenly and can turn any food into deliciousness. […]

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Almond Milk

This easy delicious milk made from almonds is a good substitute for dairy milk and is made with just two ingredients. It tastes so good and blends well with almost every recipe that calls out for milk. Use it for smoothies or coffee or just drink it straight from the glass, almond milk adds all […]