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Muskmelon Pie (Gluten Free)

For all the good reasons I’m so addicted to muskmelon these days and they have been my go to fruit to beat the exhaustion of summer! As I had a completely ripened muskmelon sitting in my kitchen the other day, I decided I’ll make some dessert out of it and wondered how about a baked […]


Chocolate Millet Balls(Laddu) (Gluten free)

Anything chocolaty is always yum and this dessert of nutrition rich millets with chocolate flavor is deliciously healthiest yum 😀 Millets are extremely humble versatile grains that are rich in dietary fiber, proteins, iron, calcium, and B vitamins that offer myriad of health benefits. Made with the natural sweetness of dates, these chocolate millet balls only […]

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Easy and Quick Tahini

Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds and serves as a condiment in many recipes particularly in hummus or can be used as a dip in itself. It is similar to peanut butter, creamy and smooth and is loaded with immune boosting nutrients. They are amazing source of protein and offers healthy fats and […]


Okra/Lady’s finger fry

Okra being a low calorie high dietary fiber food, is a powerhouse of valuable nutrients. They are high in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and are excellent in stabilizing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. This beautiful green vegetable is also called lady’s finger and makes up for wonderful side dish in meals. This easy, healthy okra fry […]