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Juice, Summer Recipes

The Supercool Juice

Combine the cooling cucumbers and the super food spinach and you get a super cool juice. Cucumbers are made up of 95% water making them an ideal cooling and hydrating food. Spinach being a nutrition dense leafy vegetable has 92% water. And what more, blend in some herbs along with them and you reap a […]

Juice, Summer Recipes

Winter melon / Ash gourd Cooler

Winter melon is an incredibly versatile vegetable and has a long list of benefits for health and well-being. Including this humble melons in the summers is the best way to beat the heat! Although these melons have boasting 96% of water, they are also a storehouse of beneficial vitamins and minerals. What more, they are […]

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Carrot Beet Elixir

Carrots and beetroots being the super foods, the combination of these two is an elixir to detox your body and supply it with all the vital nutrients. They are power foods that provide ample of health benefits that also includes imparting you a healthy glow and radiance that clearly shines through. Drink it every day […]