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Raw Avocado Mini Tarts

Who knew raw desserts can be so delicious and indulgent? Well, off late I’m exploring new desserts to make, as desserts are must for me around my meal times and when I came across mini tarts, they looked too cute to be ignored and immediately jumped in to try them and voila, all I discovered […]

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The Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is around the corner, Here are my top picks for the celebration! 🙂 Millet Tabbouleh Salad (Gluten Free) Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean salad traditionally made with parsley leaves, burglar, tomatoes, herbs and seasonings. In this recipe I’ve replaced burglar with millets which makes it completely gluten free and equally tasty and rich. Click here […]


Chocolate oats balls

This 4 ingredient super easy snack is not just delicious as it sounds but also delightfully healthy and quick to make. What more? They are so plant based, no bake, gluten free energy balls that just is loaded with all the awesomeness of wholesome ingredients and love. What more? Anything with chocolate is a win […]