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Muskmelon Pie (Gluten Free)

For all the good reasons I’m so addicted to muskmelon these days and they have been my go to fruit to beat the exhaustion of summer! As I had a completely ripened muskmelon sitting in my kitchen the other day, I decided I’ll make some dessert out of it and wondered how about a baked […]

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Oat Milk

Have you ever wondered that you could make an affordable yet healthier plant based milk in no time with just three ingredients? Off course you can and here you shall discover an extremely easy and simple oat milk recipe that is much cheaper than the store bought. What more, oats are naturally gluten free and […]


No Bake Vegan Oats Fudge Brownies

Gooey, chocolaty, delectably delicious, these no bake vegan oats fudge brownies are your perfect go to dessert for any occasion. They are super easy and quick to make that you can simply make them and indulge into, when you have a sugar craving. Made with the natural sweetness of dates, they are absolutely healthy and […]

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Easy Oats Carrot Pancakes

If you are not fond of eating veggies for your breakfast, then this pancake is a great idea to sneak in some carrot goodness offering you a colourful and nutrition loaded breakfast. As these pancakes are filled with fibre and protein, they keep you satiated and fuelled all day long. Make them into your breakfast […]


Oats cookies

This no bake 3 ingredients oats cookies are super quick to make and are protein packed. This is surely another awesome way of adding healthy oats to your diet. Cookie making never got easier than this. Eat it anytime all time, they taste just amazing and you will end up wanting more!


Classic Overnight Oats

Oats are amongst the healthiest grains on earth and are perfect for breakfast. Overnight oats are ‘no cook’ quick method of preparing your oatmeal that requires soaking oats in milk/ liquids with other add inns and resting them to set in fridge overnight. And what more, by morning you have your healthy delicious breakfast ready […]


Chocolate oats balls

This 4 ingredient super easy snack is not just delicious as it sounds but also delightfully healthy and quick to make. What more? They are so plant based, no bake, gluten free energy balls that just is loaded with all the awesomeness of wholesome ingredients and love. What more? Anything with chocolate is a win […]