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Chocolate oats balls

This 4 ingredient super easy snack is not just delicious as it sounds but also delightfully healthy and quick to make. What more? They are so plant based, no bake, gluten free energy balls that just is loaded with all the awesomeness of wholesome ingredients and love. What more? Anything with chocolate is a win […]


Peanut Butter Banana Toast

This super easy go grab toast is my personal favorite and the combination of them with some cacao nibs as toppings looks like a match made in heaven. Running out of time for breakfast? Need some quick pre or post workout snack? Bored? Want to have more chill time in life? Go grab this toast […]


Cauliflower wings

Once you explore this recipe, there’s no other way you will want to eat cauliflower. May be? I mean, this recipe calls out for such simple easy steps that you would not think of complicating cauliflower ever again! You never know, that you may even start enjoying the monotony of eating it this way only! […]