There’s been a lot of buzz going around ‘Veganism’, ‘Vegan’, ‘Vegan lifestyle’. And for all those who are new to this understanding, you might have been wondering what the hell is VEGANISM! Awww I feel right through you and let me make it more clear to you. Veganism is a cruelty free lifestyle. It is a decision and a responsibility of living a kind, compassionate life considering the preciousness of all life forms around us. It is a conscious lifestyle of taking mindful steps to avoid all kinds of damage that we are causing to the planet either consciously or unconsciously. To put it up in a phrase, veganism is a conscious way of life, an ideal best life to create sustainability for the entire planet and our ecosystem.

When you choose veganism, you are choosing,

  • Life
  • compassion
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Happy and healthy lifestyle
  • Happy animals
  • Well being of our ecosystem

As a Vegan, you choose to abstain from cruelty of any kind to the planet . As a Vegan you choose healthy plant based diet that rules out all forms of non veg foods including egg, dairy and all kinds of dairy products. As a Vegan life-stylist you choose to avoid silk, wool, leather and fur clothing and accessories and all that products that are derived from animals. As a Vegan you truly become a compassionately passionate human that touches the beyondness of life.